Company Overview

Wazzle Solutions is an innovative software solutions company dedicated to optimizing the power of technology for effective, flexible and forward-thinking business practices and strategies in the products and services we offer.    We embody the spirit of innovation through our leading edge software design and product development.  Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals design, develops, and delivers innovative software solutions for the ultimate user experience.  With our “customer first” approach, industry leading experience and relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, and excellence, Wazzle Solutions generates interest on a national level.


Anthony Faulkner

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony is the founder and CEO of Wazzle Solutions, a results-driven organization that strives to empower individual growth potential through innovative thought leadership and creative technical solutions. With deep expertise in both education and technology, Anthony understands how to leverage the power of software to help people improve performance and productivity. Prior to founding Wazzle, Anthony founded TNT Educational Consulting, Inc., where he served as President & CEO from 1989 to 2008. Acquired by Excelsior Software in 2008, Anthony served as the Vice President of Web Product Development and led the way – from concept to production – for the cutting edge Pinnacle Web Gradebook. When Excelsior was acquired by Global Scholar, Anthony was tapped to serve as the Chief Products Officer where he oversaw all aspects of product development. In 2011, Anthony was promoted to Chief Strategy Officer where he was responsible for expanding Global Scholar’s influence by driving and delivering strategic initiatives and evaluating innovative product opportunities for both domestic and international markets. Upon Scantron acquiring Global Scholar, Anthony continued his valued role. In 2012, Anthony left Scantron to focus and reignite his high-tech consulting firm, Faulkner Tech, Inc. As the President and CEO of Faulkner Tech, Inc., Anthony leads a team of professionals whose in-depth technology and educational experience provides IT business strategies and product development and solutions to non-profit clients in the educational sector. Wazzle Solutions is a subsidiary of Faulkner Tech, Inc. Anthony earned a Bachelor of Science in 1991, from Western Michigan University.

Victoria Bott

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria is the Chief Operating Officer at Wazzle Solutions. Her leadership experience spans nearly two decades of managing and developing national, state, and local compliance, business and reporting processes and operations. Prior to joining Wazzle Solutions, Victoria held various transformative roles at educational institutes and at a national non-profit organization. For over ten years at Central Michigan University, she was instrumental in leveraging data for use in meaningful business and educational strategies and decision-making opportunities for the charter school department. Her experience and attention to detail made her a key contributor to the development and maintenance of business processes and compliance assurance. Victoria’s pursuit to embrace “data to information, to knowledge” netted her recognition to serve as a pilot group team member for state-level educational reporting requirements initiatives. Additionally, she served as a board member for the Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association for ten years and later was elected to serve as the President. Victoria’s proven record of strong leadership and the ability to create a winning culture helps lead Wazzle Solutions core mission of empowering individual potential through innovative solutions.

Riley Justis

Vice President
Business Development

Driven by a passionate belief that all children deserve a quality education, Riley leads the Wazzle’s business development efforts on each of its product lines. Having served as Superintendent, where he was dedicated to the core mission of ensuring students were prepared for success in college, work and life, Riley led a team of professionals focused on strengthening K-12 instruction. Before assuming the role of Superintendent, Riley’s strong belief that all students deserve quality options lead him to become the Director of Curriculum and Technology for a national school organization, where he had the opportunity firsthand to ensure that at-risk youth – grade levels behind – had access to excellence in education. Early on the journey, Riley has a difference in the lives of children day-in day-out, while serving as a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist and teaching advisor. Riley earned his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership in 2011, and his Bachelor of Science in Education in 2007, both from Central Michigan University. He is currently a doctoral student working toward his PhD in Educational Leadership with a research interest on the use of data in the instructional process.

Matt Ayotte

Project Manager

A key Wazzle team member, Matt’s areas of expertise include product strategy, business requirements, hosting and implementation. In his 20 plus years of experience in educational technology, Matt has touched virtually all aspects of the industry. Matt launched his career in K-12 education in 1994, serving as a Director of Technology. In 2004, Matt joined TNT Educational Consulting, Inc., where he brought his experience in the sector and honed his skills in systems implementation and report development. Joining Global Scholar’s team in 2008, Matt worked with a team charged with designing, integrating and implementing a large-scale assessment system. Recognizing his talent and expertise in technology and assessment, Matt was hired by the Michigan Department of Education in 2012 to oversee the design, development, maintenance and enhancement of online assessment programs and processes. In his quest to expand his impact, Matt joined the Wazzle Solutions, Inc. team in 2014 where he serves as the Director of Implementation and Support as well as Product Manager. Matt earned his Educational Technology Certificate from Michigan State University in 2001, and his Bachelor of Science in Education in 1993, from Central Michigan University.