Company Overview

Dear Valued Customer:

In the effort to assist in mitigating the Coronairus (COVID-19) that continues to impact our communities and our families, Wazzle Solutions is privileged to have the infrastructure in place to protect our employees and still provide our valued customers the services they deserve. It is our hope that our actions will help protect what matters most to us, our customers and our employees.

As your team adjusts and navigates through these trying times, please know that our primary purpose is to ensure you have the best Wazzle Gradebook experience. If we can assist you in any way by thinking-out-of-the box to ensure your needs are being met, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay healthy!


Anthony Faulkner

Wazzle Solutions is an innovative software solutions company dedicated to optimizing the power of technology for effective, flexible and forward-thinking business practices and strategies in the products and services we offer.    We embody the spirit of innovation through our leading edge software design and product development.  Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals design, develops, and delivers innovative software solutions for the ultimate user experience.  With our “customer first” approach, industry leading experience and relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, and excellence, Wazzle Solutions generates interest on a national level.



Anthony Faulkner

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Motivated by his drive and passion to be an agent of change in the educational marketplace, Anthony Faulkner has focused his energy and talents towards empowering individual potential through creative thought leadership and innovative technical solutions. As an educator, tech guru and visionary entrepreneur, Anthony has successfully attracted and challenged like-minds to re-think the traditional education system and embrace and promote individual learning opportunities for all students on a national and international platform.

As a successful CEO, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Business Consultant, Visionary Entrepreneur, Administrator and Teacher, Anthony has an impressive portfolio of successful startups that have launched into large organizations delivering superior software solutions and business strategies for three decades in the competitive global educational marketplace, as well as other sectors. He is credited with the developments of the first web-based online student gradebook, the first student-parent online portal and the first automated email alerts interface.

Today as the CEO and Founder of Faulkner Tech, Headstream Technologies, and Wazzle Solutions, Anthony continues his innovative journey as a disruptor and agent of change to empower individual growth potential. He leads a highly skilled team of innovative professionals who continue to challenge the marketplace with high-tech solutions in design, development, and implementation, as well as sound business strategies. With deep expertise in both education and technology, he believes the time is now to embrace competency-based education with individual learning paths to ensure generations of successful and empowered students.


Victoria Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria is the Chief Operating Officer at Wazzle Solutions. Her leadership experience spans nearly two decades of managing and developing national, state, and local compliance, business and reporting processes and operations. Prior to joining Wazzle Solutions, Victoria held various transformative roles at educational institutes and at a national non-profit organization. For over ten years at Central Michigan University, she was instrumental in leveraging data for use in meaningful business and educational strategies and decision-making opportunities for the charter school department. Her experience and attention to detail made her a key contributor to the development and maintenance of business processes and compliance assurance. Victoria’s pursuit to embrace “data to information, to knowledge” netted her recognition to serve as a pilot group team member for state-level educational reporting requirements initiatives. Additionally, she served as a board member for the Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association for ten years and later was elected to serve as the President. Victoria’s proven record of strong leadership and the ability to create a winning culture helps lead Wazzle Solutions core mission of empowering individual potential through innovative solutions.