FERPA Compliance and Data Privacy Policy

Wazzle Solutions, in its role as a vendor to educational agencies (EAs), receives disclosures from the EAs of personally identifiable information (PII) contained in student records. Only information that is needed for Wazzle Solutions to perform services outsourced to it by the EA is disclosed to Wazzle Solutions. These disclosures are authorized under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal statute that regulates the privacy of student records by EAs that receive financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Education. Wazzle Solutions, as a contractor to the EA, receives the disclosures on the same basis as school officials employed by the EA, consistent with FERPA regulations. Consistent with those regulations, Wazzle Solutions has a legitimate educational interest in the information to which it is given access because the information is needed to perform the outsourced service, and Wazzle Solutions is under the direct control of the EA in using and maintaining the disclosed education records, consistent with the terms of its contract.

Wazzle Solutions is subject to the same conditions on use and redisclosure of education records that govern all school officials. In particular, Wazzle Solutions must ensure that only individuals that it employs obtain access to PII from education records it maintains on behalf of the district or institution.

Wazzle Solutions will not sell or otherwise use or redisclose education records for targeted advertising or marketing purposes. Wazzle Solutions uses data within its products only to deliver the services contracted by the EA.

Wazzle Solutions does not own any of the student data or district-created data within its products. These data within the products are property of, and under the control of the local educational agency. The collection, input, use, retention, disposal, and disclosure of any information in our software applications are controlled solely by the EAs which license our products. Wazzle Solutions cannot delete, change, or disclose any information from our software applications controlled by the EA.

Wazzle Solutions may, from time to time, update this policy to be in compliance with evolving state and federal laws and regulations.